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We will list your business for free in the 'BUSINESSES & SERVICES DIRECTORY' section and your business will have it's own web page in the SBBD. Here you describe your products and services and, if you have your own website, your SBBD web page will be linked to your website. As an example, if you are a Realtor, Handyman, Resale Store, Painting Contractor, Printer, Used Cars, Florist, Lawyer, Doctor, etc.., Your url would be http://www.mysouthbrevard.com/business/tunnel.html
EXAMPLE: Brevard Tunnel

In addition to your free web page in the SBBD, your business link (text) will be listed on the major pages and displayed in the 'OUR SPONSORS' column on your right. Your business text will be listed and linked to your SBBD web page.

Why would we do this for free? Very simple. 'My South Brevard' is a new directory focusing mainly on South Brevard County FL but with a bit of central Brevard. Visitors who may be planning to move, visit or vacation here need information as to what is here. Hotels, doctors, apratments, taxis, etc.. The goal of the directory is to help provide accurate and current information.

Your business needs to advertise to draw more customers. Offering your business free advertising with a free web page just makes sense. Also, we are printers and there may come a time when you need personalized wall clocks printed, t-shirts, mousepads, and more. Hopefully you will think of us.

If you would like paid advertising for your business here, please read below.

Should you desire, space is available for your business to be listed on pages or sections you desire. As an example, if you own a public golf course and wish to have a display ad in the Public Golf Course section, your display ad will be on the main page, in the 'OUR SPONSORS' column. Please see the display ads in the Sponsors column.

Your display ad can be placed in the 'OUR SPONSORS' column, or at the foot of the page as shown below.**

Your business will receive exposure 24/7 and your visitors can range from local customers to across the world as people wish to find out more about places to visit, work, enjoy, and see in Southern Brevard County.


Text only - your listing only in the 'OUR SPONSORS' column on all main (index) pages. Your text will be linked to your own website so when customers or visitors click your text link, they will be brought to your own website. Cost is free.

Your own Web Page consisting of one (1) page. $20.00 per year
Includes up to two (2) images, supplied by you, for your business.

Up to 300 words of text describing your products or services supplied by you.

Listed on the 'OUR SPONSORS' column on all main (index) pages. Your text only link will bring your visitors or customers directly to your web page here in SBBD. If you have your own website, your Web Page will be linked to your own website.

Display Ad size is 200 pixels wide X 40-60 pixels high.

Ad must be supplied by you or we can create a display ad for you.

Display ad placed in the right hand column (as shown) - $20.00 per year. Sise would be 150x90 pixels.

Display ad placed at the base in the main body on the page of your choice - $35.00 per year. Size would be 400 pixels wide x 100 pixels high.

** Page of your choice includes only the pages in the section which you designate: as an example, Public Golf Courses: display ad can be placed on the main page for Public Golf Courses.

For display ads larger than 400x100 pixels and/or placement on any index.html page, please contact us.

Yes. We can create your own display ad at a very low cost.

If you desire your own website for your own business, we can host your business at a very low cost.

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